Personal Iris

The SGI Personal Iris was Introduced in 1988 as an attempt by sgi to start in the budding ‘low end’ graphics workstation market. The Personal Iris was a considerably cheaper version of the earlier 4d/60 - 4d/85 models marketed as ‘RISC superworkstations’ called the Profesional Iris, renamed after the release of the Personal Iris. These systems had developed after their Motorola 68k based IRIS line of workstations and graphics terminals with built in geometry acceleration. The Personal Iris just like its bigger brothers ran on the MIPS RISC CPU architecture running an in-house UNIX os called Irix.

Processor Boards

There are 4 versions of the Personal Iris: 4D/20, 4D/25, 4D/30, and 4D/35

Model Processor board CPU
4D/20 IP6 * R3000 12.5mhz
4D/25 IP10 ** R3000 20mhz
4D/30 IP14 R3000 30mhz
4D/35 IP12 R3000 36mhz
* Technically the IP6 is an R3000 and has a R3000 die but its packaged as a R2000. Some are marked as a R2000a and others are a marked as a R3000. It will show up as a R2000 in software
** The IP10 shows up as an IP6 in software

The 4D/20 and 4D/25 are fairly similar to each other architecturally with the only difference being the IP10 being a 20mhz R3000 instead of the IP6s 12.5 mhz R3000. Though the 4D/3x model has a different memory system using proprietary memory used in the Indigo R3000 systems.